• Don’t Forget to Do THIS When Starting a Design Project

    167When you decide to design or re-design a home, hiring a residential designer is a must. Opting to do everything yourself is near impossible and actually the worst idea you could ever come up with. Designers have the skills to be sure that the project goes the way it is supposed to. They also have the ability to put your vision on paper in models so that you can be sure what you had in your head is what you want.

    With a designer, you’ll be saving yourself a lot of energy and time; you’ll actually end up saving money too, as much less mistakes are made when you have a designer on the project. They know how certain choices will impact an install. You also might not know about the newest materials and technology. The most important aspect of a project is not that it is done correctly; it is that it is done safe and up to code.which-home-renovation-projects-will-give-you-the-biggest-return-on-investment

    Building codes are not easy to understand. Even professionals sometimes mess up. All you have to do is miss something by two inches to fail code. For example, if the toilet is too close to the sink, you’ll have to re-install it which could mean moving pipes, which is not cheap. With a designer, these types of things are much less liable to happen. A designer can also help you hire contractors, painters, and subtractors. Because they have (hopefully) been doing this for years, they probably have found excellent workers by now that they trust and work with frequently.

    Drawings can be extremely difficult to interpret. And, you can bet that you won’t be able to on your own. Even contractors sometimes have trouble interpreting them; also, since they are so busy, they may just skim over the drawings and assume they know what they’re doing. The point of having a residential designer is that they are familiar with the drimagesawings, and so they’ll know immediately if something isn’t going as planned.

    If you want a space that has lasting appeal and adds to the value of your investment, you need to hire a designer.¬†It can be very, very difficult to know where the responsibility for one contractor ends and the other begins. If the first¬†contractor has finished his part, and left to another job, it can be very difficult to get him back right when you need him, as they are generally very occupied with other projects already. Moral of the story..hire a designer! Do not try to do a major project by yourself, assuming that the contractors know what they are doing and will take care of everything. You need someone to ‘spot’ you, and be sure that the renovation comes out just as beautifully as you had imagined.

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    2 thoughts on “Don’t Forget to Do THIS When Starting a Design Project

    • Rachel says:

      To anyone about to start a serious design project, I can tell you that hiring a designer is for sure worth it. The drawings, like the article says, are EXTREMELY hard to interpret. By that I mean without experience, you’ll barely understand them.

      • Shirley Wright says:

        Hi Rachel. Completely agree. Any major project should definitely include a designer. CAD and construction drawings are not something you can interpret on your own. Designers go to school for years, and then must work under someone and then take a test in order to gain all of that experience. In no way can you learn it throughout the remodeling process!

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